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Tropical Transformation

On a tropical island is where you will land, where itís warm and safe. This is a vacation where you can now allow yourself to release and permanently let go of fears, anger, resentments, and areas of unforgiving. This is a fantastic journey and is often listened to during sleep.

        Price: $20    


Woodsy Wonder

A truly magical journey through the woods. Here you can allow yourself the freedom to let go of difficulty in your life. You will retrieve lost dreams and wishes.Delight in the woods and the ease with which you change your attitudes.

        Price: $20    


Celestial Journey

A CD filled with mystical music and one that you can share with your family to help relieve stress.  It is often used by those in the healing arts as background music.

        Price: $20    


Reclaim Your Health

This CD allows you to release the weight of "dis-ease" and continue your journey back to health.  Listen often to allow the body the natural help it requires to enhance and improve the healing process.  Listening to this CD gives your body balance and your cells the space to bring good physical and emotional health.

        Price: $20    


Weight Less

Because we all struggle with weight weíve created this opportunity to reset the knobs and levers of your body to what is balance for your body. This CD will help you succeed at permanent change and allow you to utilize it for tune-ups.

        Price: $20    


Violet Waterfall with Angels

You arrive at a beautiful lake with a waterfall and are led through deep release of issues and toxins that may reside in your body. You will feel refreshed and cleansed of negative energies.

        Price: $20    


Living Wealthy & Prosperous

A journey that listened to often will allow you to shed those self imposed obstacles, patterns, beliefs associated with abundance. It will help you live, breathe, and speak with abundance thus drawing it to your life.

        Price: $22.99    


Meditation/Relaxation for Kids

This CD is designed for kids who are interested in our journeys. It is as a result of moms who have had success with our CD series. This CD is about breath and allowing children to get into a habit of not holding on to issues that arise during the day. Best used in a seated position.

        Price: $20    


Clutter No More

Release patterns of collecting and piling of clutter in your life, whether itís physical or emotional. Youíll be able to change lifelong patterns. Those who have listened to this CD once say that they have been energized to easily make changes to lifelong clutter patterns.

        Price: $20    


Discover Your Divine Self

Discover Your Divine Self Through this journey you will go into a cottage and look into mirrors allowing you to truly discover your divine self. You can begin the journey of self discovery, use it to deepen your current journey or just see your divine spark.

        Price: $20    


Meditation to Connect to Your Spirit and Soul

Connecting to your Spirit/Soul regularly allows your minds and body to create peace. This CD and journey is filled with joy and allows you to create and keep balance. You can achieve a deep level of inner reflection which will improve the clarity and focus of your daily activities.

        Price: $20    


Essene Meditations

Derived from ancient texts these two meditations can be used daily. The AM meditation is a beautiful and peaceful way to start your day. The PM meditation is a fantastic way to allow your body to get into a state of rest giving you a peaceful night's sleep.

        Price: $20    

Order a full set of 12 regularly $120 and
you pay $89

Shipping and handling not included.
We accept VISA, MasterCard and PayPal.

Disclaimer: All CDís are designed to be utilized with active participation in the health and healing process. If you have severe health issues please see your physician. If you have high blood pressure ensure that you use this meditation keeping your eyes open, for safety. You may wish to seek additional help with the healing process and we are available for private consultations (in person or remotely).

CDís can be listened to in a comfortable seated position. It is recommended that you do some stretching or light exercises before and after each session (or after waking), so that energies that have been released do not get stuck. This will help you feel invigorated and refreshed.

Please seek medical attention if you suspect or have discomfort or illness. 


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