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Thanks for your interest in taking the journey to peace and a better life.

You have found a place of harmony and joy and support any time you need.

The meditation CD you are about to download has been downloaded by over 32,000 people. It is so powerful and easy that it is being downloaded by people worldwide. If you donít understand the language you will understand the energy that is behind the meditation.

Are you stressed out and need more peace?

            Are you tired and donít know why?

               Does your health seem to improve and then take a turn back to the pain?

                 Are you ready for more quiet or calm in your life?

This meditation was designed eons ago to help alleviate pain and suffering. It activates the two hearts Ė the crown or spiritual heart chakra and the lower heart chakra that is close to your physical heart.

Did you know that clogged chakras are like clogged arteries. A clogged or congested chakra is just as detrimental to your health as clogged arteries.

By activating these two chakras a tremendous downpouring of energy is transmitted. This downpouring cleanses the chakras of challenges and difficulties. It can cleanse traumas, depression, fear, sadness, and difficulty. This meditation has been known to help with arthritis, chronic fatigue, war trauma, death trauma, anger issues, laziness, over work and stress and even to heal relationships.

Needless to say this meditation is transformational!

The length is entirely manageable for your busy life. It is only 15 minutes long. It can be listened to with your active participation or you can listen to it in the background and still receive the benefits.

Some people talk about our CDís and how they have improved their lives:

  • Every time Iím stressed I put on one of your CDís and my life and perspectives shift to a much more peaceful state.
  • My husband just retired and is always in my space. Iím used to my freedom. When Iím feeling pressured and put upon I put in one of your CDís and life is much better.
  • When I listen to your Clutter No More CD Iím able to clear the junk that has been in the back of my mind that needs to get moved, given away, or in the way.
  • I listen to your CDís when things seem to be going wrong and itís like a miracle every time.
  • Your CDís have saved my marriage. Thank you!
  • My kids love your CDís and we listen to them on the way to soccer practice 3 times a week. The car is peaceful and the kids actually tell me it helps them focus.
  • The first time I listened to your CDís I was so distraught and felt there was no hope. Now I know that just popping a CD in or on my iTunes I will get immediate relief.
  • Sheevaun, I listen to your voice every night before I sleep. Itís like a soft melody and I wake up more happy than ever before.

This CD you are about to download is just a small sample of what the energy and healing of Sheevaun Moran can do for you, your family, your life.

If you want true change and real inner peace then you are in the right place and now have access to the right products. Sheevaun is such a gentle voice and guide to get you through the difficult times.

Are you ready to transform your life?

You will be registered to have access to our special monthly programs that are broadcast worldwide. The mere fact that you are taking this journey is testament to your desire for more peace and helping the world achieve greater beauty and joy. Each time you listen to this CD is like sharing the peaceful energy with the world by the magnitude of 10.

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Kids Meditations

This CD is designed for kids who are interested in our journeys. It is as a result of moms who have had success with our CD series. This CD is about breath and allowing children to get into a habit of not holding on to issues that arise during the day. Best used in a seated position.

Use Coupon Code KIDSMEDITATE to get your discount.