Transform Your Life in 15 Minutes or Less

For many years I tried to meditate. I went on retreats, took classes, read books about how to meditate. None of them worked. I was never able to quiet my mind enough to sit still. So like most people who wish to get quiet and cannot I just gave up.

Then I took a class about energy healing, Pranic Healing, and at the end of the class they told us we were going to meditate. Inside I laughed and thought “right”. Anyway after about 3 minutes of my eyes being closed I peeked around the room and thought “This is a first, my mind is quiet. Now what?” After that I got that CD and tried again and again. I didn’t have the same success, but certainly wanted to feel the quietness again. So I powered through many days of trying and succeeded eventually.

Since 1993 I have been meditating successfully. I have meditated during times of difficulty in life and difficulty in health. I have even meditated when there was major construction projects going on around my home.

Having successfully accomplished meditation in nearly any situation I began teaching meditation. I broke down each of the things that frustrated me about learning to meditate, what were myths and what was applicable to today’s world and began teaching meditation. After most classes the students would ask about me making meditation CD’s. I put them off and said that they didn’t need me or my voice to get them to meditate. It took the students four years to convince me that my voice is soothing and would greatly help them succeed at meditating.

Each of the CD’s you see and hear on this site came from the classes that I’ve taught over the years. Before officially recording each CD I’ve tested the imagery and meditation style to ensure that there are results and that the meditation is easy to follow. I’ve also put music behind them that will help you succeed at the relaxed, yet aware, feeling you get during meditation.

One of the things that I felt was important was the need to keep the length of time short enough to fit into our busy lives. That is why each CD ranges from 14 – 17 minutes in length. This is just enough time to help you have a better day and easier time in life and yet accomplish meditation each day.

Ultimately, meditating each day will make your life easier and more beautiful. You will find that you have a better attitude and outlook about even the most challenging situations.

I hope you enjoy these CD’s as much as I enjoy designing them. We designed this site so that you can have an opportunity to listen to a sampling of each CD. Select one or select them all as each have a money back guarantee.

May your life be truly transformed in even more positive ways than you ever thought possible.

Sheevaun O’Connor Moran
Meditating Founder