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Help Spread Higher Awareness + Earn Extra Money

You are important to us.

If humanity is going to continue to thrive and evolve, we need to raise our level of consciousness, and the more people that do, the more beautiful our future becomes.

By becoming a “Meditation and Transformation” Affiliate, you help on a scale that you cannot possibly imagine while bringing in some extra income for yourself.

Here are 2 reasons to become a “Meditation and Transformation” Affiliate.

1.  Help Humanity – Your efforts will spread like ripples in a pond, helping raise the level of consciousness and thus helping raise the group consciousness of humanity.

2.  Earn Money – Almost effortlessly, you can earn some significant Extra Money by forwarding a couple of emails or putting our link on your website.

“Meditation and Transformation” Affiliate Plan

Over the past 2 months, we’ve done market research on the total 73,000 hits we’ve had. The numbers on the “Meditation and Transformation” Website indicate we have lots of traffic which translates into money for you. If you have even a small email list, or web traffic to your site, with very little effort, you can bring in some serious cash.

How Effortless? One little form (your name and where to send the check). Then we’ll send you instructions on how to use your own special link in emails or on your website that lets us know that your people are referred by you.

Can you make it really easy? Ok… After you sign up, and you get the instructions, we’ll also send you an email that you can just forward to your list and add some of your own comments.

How much can I make? Our standard affiliate rate of commission is 25% of sales that come from your referrals. That means if 2 people you refer buy $50 of our CDs for a total of $100, we’ll send you a check for $25.

What if I know others who would be perfect Affiliates? Our program consists of 2 levels. If someone you refer becomes an affiliate, you will also receive 5% of the sales that they refer to us.

Can I see my statistics? Yes, You can log onto our system and see how many people have come from your efforts and how much money you have accumulated. There you can also choose from other links and graphics if you want to.

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How do I know that people aren’t going to go to your site, leave and then come back later with a different link and I won’t get my commission? This system is Cookie based. When a person clicks on the link we give you, it puts a cookie on their system. If they ever go to the “shopping cart” to buy products, from any path to get there, the system looks for that cookie and finds that you are the referring person. The same thing happens when someone logs on to the Affiliate Signup Form. No matter what, you’ll get your commission.

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